7 Simple Steps to… Being Less Grumpy

We’ve all been there. We get a snag in our favorite sweater, the alarm clock fails to wake us up and we start out the day running late, or we have to skip lunch because a work project is overdue and needs our full attention. All of these conditions can add up to putting us in a grumpy mood.

A kiss on the head from Snow White was all that Disney’s Grumpy needed to get over his bad mood. Here are some simple steps that will start you on the road to feeling less grumpy. (1) The minute you feel a case of the grumpies coming on, you can break the spell by playing your favorite music. Pick something loud and upbeat and a song that you associate with a happy memory or feeling carefree. This is a great trick to use if you start feeling grumpy when stuck in traffic. (2) Don’t let your blood sugar level get out of whack. Feeling grumpy can often be avoided by taking a few minutes to eat something healthy for breakfast or eating a healthy protein such cheese as a snack. If you have to miss a meal, at least have an apple or a banana and drink enough water to stay well hydrated. Indulge in the luxury of savoring one piece of gourmet chocolate stored away for emergency purposes! (3) Get enough sleep. If you notice that your grumpy mood seems to be a permanent condition, it just may be that you are not getting enough rest. A lack of sleep can put a pessimistic haze over everything. Get to bed a half hour early tonight and set your alarm for an extra 10 minutes of snooze time in the morning for the next few days. (4) Ask a friend you can trust for a reality check. Allow yourself to rant and rave over whatever is bothering you for 10 full minutes while your friend simply says, I hear you, with no judgeent or criticism. Verbalizing the problems that are bugging us can go a long way toward releasing pent up emotions that cause a grumpy mood. (5) Get some fresh air. The simple act of going outside for a short walk not only allows us to get some exercise, exposure to sunlight is important to good mental health. (6) Plan a future activity that puts a smile on your face. Today you may be stuck in traffic, embroiled in office politics or short on money, but your spirit will soar and your gloom will lift just thinking about future plans that spell F-U-N! (7) Play the be-glad game like Hayley Mills did in the movie “Polyanna”, a version of the “make a gratitude list” which doesn’t need paper or pen. Don’t be surprised if you feel your grumpy mood lifting by the time you reach to 10.

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