7 Simple Steps to… Better Time Management

Does every day leave you feeling frantic by day’s end that you haven’t accomplished what you had hoped to attain? If so, maybe you’re lacking structure and organization in your life? Time is of the essence! If you don’t regulate and make good use of your time, your clock will simply tick away the minutes of your life wasting valuable time which could be put to better use!

Here are seven simple steps to organize your daily life whether pertaining to business or merely living every day to the fullest. 1. Start with a plan! If you feel your week begins on Monday morning, sit down and write out a tentative schedule Sunday evening for what you need to do each day of the week. Allow for some flexibility so that if you have scheduled too tightly, something can be shifted to another time or day if need be. Have something planned for each day of the week. Have the plan

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include certain weekly repetitious things to do on designated days so that it becomes a good habit. Such as, trash day. Possibly the night before all trash could be collected and readied to go out for the next day? This would be a good plan and save you time! 2. Organize Part of having a good plan is the key to organization and vice versa. Just as you fit a time in to collect all that trash before trash day, organize a good way to do it. Maybe carrying a large waste basket through the house from room to room in a set pattern with a beginning and ending place? This would be a good way to organize for collection day. By being organized, your time is well spent. 3. Note your time Everything we do in our lives takes time. By being aware of how much time things take you to do them, you can learn how to better allow for all you wish to do and accomplish to fit into your days schedule. 4. Prioritise Prioritising the things you want to do in your daily life is part of organization. There will always be things that take priority or absolutely MUST be done in your life as opposed to what you would prefer to do. So, the simplest way to get through those things is do them first and then you will have them out of the way. 5. Minimize This is fairly easy! If there is something you positively do NOT need to do on a given day and your schedule is already full-don’t do it or find a way to reduce the amount of what it is you need to do. Or, move it to another day. 6. Delegate your workload There is most always someone who you can delegate a couple of your jobs to in order to ease your load. This is always a stress reliever! 7. Don’t overload Stay flexible and remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”! Better time management means more time for you!

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