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Be the YOU you always wanted to be! – Spirit Fountain – the positive thinking, self development website. Here you’ll find; inspiration, self-help, self-improvement, self-love, wisdom, motivation, the key to happiness, affirmations, quotes, mantras and much more. Beat that depression. Be better, be beautiful, you deserve it. Change your life for the better today!

What is Spirit Fountain?

Spirit Fountain is the webs number 1 positive thinking, self improvement, self development magazine. It provides an ever growing resource to help positivity, personal growth, and help improve personal understanding.

We don’t profess to know all the answers but we hope that we have material that can inspire you to be better, be stronger, learn to cope and maybe just recognise that none of us is perfect and that we’re all struggling with issues, insecurities and depressions.

We all make mistakes and wish things could be different. These are our tests and it’s how we cope with them that defines us. Think of Spirit Fountain as your ‘hand book’, your ‘aid’. It can never have the all the answers but maybe it has they key to unlock the answers which are inside you.

Where did Spirit Fountain come from?

Spirit Fountain is the result of a personal journey. In this case, deep depression and a desperately broken heart were the instigating factors that started a long journey of exploration. Along the way I discovered all kinds of souls in pain for various reasons. As I traveled further I realised that everybody is in some kind of pain from something. It’s this disharmony that keeps us growing. I decided to start writing down all the tools, techniques and advice that I discovered as I went on this journey. Think of Spirit Fountain as the fertiliser that helps with your growth.

I know see that the situation that caused my pain, the kind of pain I thought it was impossible to recover from, was actually the starting point for a long overdue journey, a journey I should have started long before.

“Sometimes God has to put us flat on our back before we look up at him!”

Where is Spirit Fountain going?

Here at Spirit Fountain we have no destination in mind. We are happy to enjoy our own journey and it’s always good to hear from people who have been touched and helped by Spirit Fountain. That alone keeps us going.

Reality, of course, will always define what ultimately happens to Spirit Fountain. At present we are very lucky to be sponsored by the UK based media company Illusion 52. We would welcome more sponsors to allow us to do more and grow quicker. But meantime, just stay in touch, tell us what you’d like to see and we’ll do our best to provide it.

Who is involved in Spirit Fountain?

Spirit Fountain is edited by Dean Arnett. A team of writers from across the world provide material, and art for the quotations artwork is sourced from a variety of places.

Our sponsors go some way to support the running and development costs of Spirit Fountain but have, strictly, no influence on the editorial at all.

But Spirit Fountain belongs to you, so please get involved through comments at the bottom of articles, in the forum or by sending us an email.

What can Spirit Fountain promise?

We can’t promise anything. Everything published here is just a guide, justfor your help and inspiration. Spirit Fountain cannot be held responsible for any negative outcome from any advice dispensed here ( sadly, we have to write that!!!). And what might work for one person, won’t necessarily work for another.

But when you’re feeling down and nothing seems to help, knowing there are others out there who have been through it and can say what worked for them is a great help.

Spirit Fountain is the happiness portal, featuring the best in;

  • positive-thinking
  • self-improvement
  • self-help
  • self-esteem-boosters
  • affirmations
  • inspiration and mantras

Spiritfountain.com is a place to come to to “be better”.

Everything on this website will help you change your life for the better, starting today, starting right now.

Spirit Fountain is a hub of all the best self-help advice, products and reviews on the web.

You are NOT alone. You are at not in a bad place but at the start of a wonderful and amazing journey. Along the way you will learn amazing things and meet incredible people.

So what is here and what is there to do?


Spirit Fountain is an ever growing magazine of self-help and self-development articles.

Our articles are broken down into series; ‘7 Simple Steps…’, ‘Coping With…’, ‘The Power of…’ and much much more, all now listed in our index – CLICK HERE NOW



Inspirational, motivational and emotional! Quotes, affirmations and mantras all guarenteed to have an effect on you.

Some of these have even been known to move people to tears! CLICK HERE NOW & BROWSE



Where ever your head is at, we can promise you one thing, you’re not the first to feel like that and you’re not alone.Join the buzz at the forum now.

Connect with other people, discuss, emapthise and inspire others. CLICK HERE & CONNECT



“Anima sana in corpore sano” is latin for ‘a sound mind in a healthy body‘. It’s key to feeling better that we try to look after the health of both our mind and our body. After all, if we don’t love ourselves, why should anyone else?

CLICK HERE for a few mind and body routines to keep both in tip top condition.



Sometimes everything just feels like too much effort and what we need is a more immediate form of ‘coaching’ or inspiration.

Check out our video inspiration gallery, collected from across the web for you. CLICK HERE



Been to the ‘self-help’ section of your local bookshop recently? The shelves are full. So which ones should we be reading? Here’s Spirit Fountains’ recommendations and reviews of what’s available.

Updated weekly, keep checking back, and let us know whether you agree or not! CLICK HERE



Sometimes you just need to get away and start again, and I mean, get right away! So why, not only just away, but get away on a trip that could very well change your life forever?

There are plenty of companies, trips and adventures designed just for that purpose. CLICK HERE AND GO NOW!



Ok, so those books and DVD’s in our review section have whetted your appetite, or maybe a friend keeps raving about one, or maybe you’ve just finished one book and want to find another along the same lines. Check out the Spirit Fountain store now. And it’s not just books and DVD’s either!




Feeling lost? Feeling ‘bamboozled’? Not sure what to do, what to think, who to speak to, where to go? Try our interactive quiz. It’s just a light hearted way of trying to suggest a few ideas to you, and you never know, it might just help!



No. 10 GAMES & FUN

Sometimes nothing cuts it like a game and a bit of fun. Here are just a small handful, some you can play with others, some on your own, some designed to help you directly, some just mindless fun.


If something is missing, suggest what it is you’d like to see here in our forum.

So enjoy and “be better, be beautiful”.

[break]Be the YOU you always wanted to be! – Spirit Fountain – the positive thinking, self development website. Here you’ll find; inspiration, self-help, self-improvement, self-love, wisdom, motivation, the key to happiness, affirmations, quotes, mantras and much more. Beat that depression. Be better, be beautiful, you deserve it. Change your life for the better today!


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