Spirit Fountain is looking for potential entrepreneurial partners, sponsors, affiliates and advertisers. At this stage we are completely open to discussion about any of the following…


We are open to the possibility of fixed adverts on specific posts/pages paid by the month or on a per-click basis. We will also consider a ‘buy-out’ of all the posts/pages.

We are open to the possibility of an advertising campaign tied to the sidebar or top banner spots of Spirit Fountain. This campaign is cross site and globally appears on all pages and posts on Spirit Fountain carrying that standard template (95% of content).

  • Cost Per Thousand Impressions – A charge will be made for exposure an advertisers message to a specific audience.
  • Cost Per View – A charge is made for each unique user view of an individual advertisement.
  • Pay per click – A charge is made each time a user clicks on an advert and is redirected to an advertised website.


We are especially keen to partner up with affiliates sharing common ‘values’ with the site message of Spirit Fountain. This might be holidays or vacations fitting with the ‘life-changing’ theme, or products or promotions that fit with the ‘positive-thinking’, ‘self-improvement’ message across the site.


We would be willing to open discussions with a commercial partner to consider sponsorship, at any level and on any scale, that was in tune with the ‘positive-thinking’, ‘self-improvement’ theme across the site.

Email us here to get in touch.

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