An easy daily stretch routine

Stretching is an intrinsically instinctive action, a bit like yawning. We do it instinctively when we wake up in the morning. And for as long as anyone can remember mankind stretched before doing exercise. Stretching loosens the body and increases blood flow to the muscles. Some people

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believe that stretching is more important to general health than exercise. Whilst this may be a little simplistic a statement, its benefits to longevity and youthfulness shouldn’t be overlooked. Stretching will make you feel better and is proven to relieve stress. Try building the following stretches into a daily routine (combine this with the 28 day plan for guaranteed results), either first thing in the morning or during the day. But never push yourself further than feels right. Listen to your body. STRETCH ONE 1) Sitting on the edge of your bed (or chair), place both next to each other on the floor. 2) Now bend forwards, reaching for your feet with your hands. 3) Now arch your back. 4) Count to ten. 5) Hold and then repeat the cycle five times. STRETCH TWO 1) Stay seated on the bed (or chair) as in ‘Stretch One’. 2)

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Now slowly rotate your head around over your neck in a circle, touching (if you can) your shoulders with your ears. 3) For five complete cycles rotate your head clockwise. 4) Now repeat step 3 but counter clockwise, again slowly and for five times. STRETCH THREE 1) Stay seated on the edge of your bed (or chair) with your feet together on the floor. 2) Shrug your shoulders, as high as you can get them, ideally up to your ears. 3) Continue to shrug up and down ten times. STRETCH FOUR 1) Now stand next to your bed (or chair). 2) Intertwine all the fingers of both hands. 3) Raise your hands with fingers still intertwined above your head, palm upwards. 4) Try to lift your whole body with your stretched arms, stretching out your rib cage. 5) Hold and count to ten. 6) Relax and then repeat for 5 times. STRETCH FIVE 1) Still standing next to your bed (or chair). 2) Bend forwards slowly and gently and touch your toes with your fingers, but keeping your knees straight. 3) Hold still and count to ten. 4) Slowly, straighten up, relax for a moment and then repeat again for 5 times. There, that’s it. Could it be any easier. We think you’ll notice the difference and feel better within 14 days. Let us know how you get on with these by posting below. Feel free to suggest any modifications or additions.

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