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Coping with... Jealousy

Coping with… Jealousy

Jealousy is definitely a common emotion that people experience during their life. There are different forms of jealousy, both – healthy jealousy and destructive jealousy. The ways in which one cope with the jealousy will drastically change the outcome of the situation. Jealousy generally stems from the thought that your relationship with your partner or […]

Coping with... Unemployment and Redundancy

Coping with… Unemployment and Redundancy

The words ‘unemployment’ and ‘redundancy’ carry many negative associations. And yet they needn’t be as scary as we all think. In fact they might even be great opportunities. Here’s a few short ideas on how to cope and even maximise unemployment and redundancy, should destiny throw them your way. ‚ÄúSometimes you have to kind of […]

Coping with... Rejection

Coping with… Rejection

Rejection can be heartbreaking. When someone is turned away or has the feeling of a door being slammed in the face, the hurt is real and deep. Everyone has experienced some sort of denial by another and the effects can be devastating, especially for the person who has had a pattern of rejection that has […]

Coping with... Apathy and a lack of motivation

Coping with… Apathy and a lack of motivation

Coping with… Apathy and a Lack of Motivation Apathy can affect anyone at almost any time. It can lead to withdrawal that influences you mentally, physically and emotionally. But it doesn’t have to have a lasting impact. When you understand the causes of apathy and how to overcome them, you can stop the negative influence […]

Coping with... Remembering names

Coping with… Remembering names

No, it’s not just you. Everyone struggles to remember people’s names, especially when you’re presented with a situation where you are machine gunned with a queue of new faces, introduced to you one after another in quick succession. An inability to remember names is often blamed on all kinds of things; age, inability to concentrate, […]

Coping with... Loneliness

Coping with… Loneliness

Coping with… Loneliness At some point in life we all experience some sense of loneliness, brought on usually by circumstances that can be largely out of the realm of our own control. Coping with loneliness effectively requires maintaining a healthy life balance – one that keeps the depth and duration of distressing episodes of loneliness […]

Coping with... Debt

Coping with… Debt

Personal debt is a significant source of stress and depression. It often causes arguments, prevents the purchase of necessities, and leads to difficulty paying monthly bills. All these problems are magnified as it continues to stack up. When payments don’t seem to reduce the principal, feelings of helplessness and hopelessness grow. While there are many […]

Coping with... A Broken Heart

Coping with… A Broken Heart

A broken heart is painful. A broken heart feels like things will never get better. A broken heart convinces us that happiness can never be attained ever again. How can anybody cope with a broken heart? There isn’t one right answer. Too bad it’s not as simple as waving a magic wand. What work for […]

Coping with... Depression

Coping with… Depression

If you have a history of depression and have tried traditional coping methods only to find they don’t work, don’t despair. There are several other things you can do to help yourself cope. Though we don’t advocate ignoring your doctor’s suggestions, we would like to add a few other options which are known to be […]

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