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The Power of... Learning to say No.

The Power of… Learning to say No.

We all understand the importance of learning to say no, when the thing we are being offered or tempted by will, consequently, hurt our health, relationship or both. The importance of that kind of ‘NO’ cannot be underestimated or understated. The kind of fundamental right or wrong decisions like those above are actually easy to […]

The Power of... Talking about your Feelings

The Power of… Talking about your Feelings

Talking about our feelings is one of the very most important things we can do for our overall well-being. Holding in stress and other feelings can often lead to other mental issues, such as depression, and can also exhibit itself in actual physical symptoms. Getting those feelings out by talking about them can lead to […]

The Power of... Time

The Power of… Time

What is the most valuable thing you take for granted in your life? You probably thought about that question for a second and then answered with something about money, your spouse or your job. The real answer is much simpler. It is your time. “Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you […]

The Power of... Giving Love

The Power of… Giving Love

Love is an encompassing maelstrom of emotions; the splendid convergence of fondness and intensity. When you’re truly in love, be it with a person or some aspect of life, you want to be engaged. You actively seek out the happiness that this love creates; you are consumed by it. When you’re infused with the power […]

The Power of... Being Loved

The Power of… Being Loved

Love has the remarkable ability to transform people and change even the direst circumstances into an opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment. One of the most amazing feelings in the world for anyone is to know that they are loved. Even as young as infancy, a person will seek out the comfort of the people […]

The Power of... Family

The Power of… Family

Family: one of the most precious words in the English language; a word that conjures up feelings of comfort, security and acceptance. In a world that values only the surface, a family loves what lies beneath and it’s value is immeasurable. Even in the craziest of families, love is a tie that binds deeply and […]

The Power of... Forgiveness

The Power of… Forgiveness

“To err is human, to forgive, divine” – Alexander Pope What is Forgiveness? The concept of forgiveness exists in many religions. Not forgiving is holding on to anger and resentment. To forgive someone means that you no longer want restitution for an offense. In its ideal form the individual that committed the offense does not […]

The Power of... Empathy

The Power of… Empathy

If you have ever wondered what empathy is, it is the emotions one feels after stepping out of his or her own emotional state of being and into that of another. It is a selfless act some people do without even thinking about it. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes when you want to […]

The Power of... Solitude and Reflection

The Power of… Solitude and Reflection

We are living in a digital world. While many aspects of technological advancements benefit us greatly, relying on phones, texting and social media for entertainment and communication has caused us to become disconnected and stressed out as a culture. Social media, in particular, has created a phenomenon known as F.O.M.O., or “fear of missing out.” […]

The Power of... Gratitude

The Power of… Gratitude

Gratitude is a glass-half-full mentality. Practicing thanks means counting blessings and understanding what one has been given from loved ones and from life itself. Shifting away from focusing on what a life lacks and instead understanding simple pleasures is a chance to find peace and happiness. Positivity breeds positivity. People flock towards positive people who […]

The Power of... Finding Inner Peace

The Power of… Finding Inner Peace

Inner peace is something most people strive for to achieve a balanced and happy condition leading to a happier life. While there are many definitions of inner peace, most agree that peace of mind is a state of being that is marked by emotional contentment and balance. Advice for finding peace of mind includes a […]

The Power of... Positive Thinking

The Power of… Positive Thinking

We all know a few positive, happy people. These individuals seem to have it all, even in the face of hardships. These “happy people” appear to be in on one of life’s most incredible secrets, which can leave the rest of us feeling a little left out. However, their secret lies within each of us, […]

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