Coping with… Jealousy

Jealousy is definitely a common emotion that people experience during their life. There are different forms of jealousy, both – healthy jealousy and destructive jealousy.

The ways in which one cope with the jealousy will drastically change the outcome of the situation. Jealousy generally stems from the thought that your relationship with your partner or friends or being threaten by another individual, it can also stem from the desire/envy of one’s success or status.

Identify the Cause

If you find yourself in a situation where you are experience jealous feelings, the best thing you can do is to identify what is causing the feeling in the first place. Possibly they are stemming from insecurities you may have about yourself, or confidence issues you may be experiencing. Jealousy may also be caused by a way another individual is acting. Once you are able to pin point the root cause of the feeling, you will be better equipped to figure out the best solution.

If jealousy is being caused because of another individual, you really need to asess the situation. A couple things to ask yourself, are you receiving information from another source? How sure are you about what is being said? Are you getting yourself worked up over something that you don’t know the whole story? If this is the case, simply confront the individual and ask or speak to the parties involved directly to hash everything out in the open.

Think Positively

You will really be amazed at how far positive thinking can bring you in life. People who assume the worst all the time usually find themselves in poor situations simply because they do not allow themselves to be happy. Again, this can very easily come from some deep seeded issues that should be addressed in order to lead a successful and healthy lifestyle. If you feel jealous over something or someone, think about all of the good things that you have accomplished or received and this generally will lessen the sting of that jealous feeling.

Find a Neutral Party

Find someone who is not directly involved in the situation and ask their opinion. They will not be biased or take sides, and will have your best interest in mind. They should be able to see the whole picture easier because they are not emotionally connected to the situation you are in. The neutral party should easily be able to say “Hey, this isn’t as bad as it seems,” or give you a more positive outlook on the situation.

Work on Yourself

Another great idea is just to work on yourself, love yourself. There are various exercises that one can practice on a regular basis to help build self esteem, confidence and to overcome deep issues that may be hindering your happiness.


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