Coping with… Rejection

Rejection can be heartbreaking. When someone is turned away or has the feeling of a door being slammed in the face, the hurt is real and deep. Everyone has experienced some sort of denial by another and the effects can be devastating, especially for the person who has had a pattern of rejection that has taken place over a lifetime.

It could begin as early as school and persist into adulthood. It happens when a person doesn’t make the cut for a team, is passed up for promotion, or is spurned in a relationship. However, there is home for those who have felt rejection’s bitter sting. There are ways one can cope, move on, and remain resilient with hope for the future. – Don’t dwell on the negative. Instead of wallowing in what has happened or doubting one’s self, consider the light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever the source of rejection, whether it was a love interest that said no or the employer that chose someone else, turn the situation around and consider the door open for new possibilities. Believe in what is meant to be and that there is something better down the road. – Use rejection as an opportunity to become stronger, to look for new alternatives, to move forward in life. Have faith that there will be a major “yes” moment coming soon that will far outweight any “no’s” that have been experienced. – Turn to someone who is loved and trustworthy, a staunch supporter who is always “steady as she goes.” Whether it is family, a best friend, a counselor, or a priest, there is always someone that can be counted upon to soothe,

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advise, and provide company. – Be constructive with reactions to rejection. Dig down deep and start to think about what can be done next to move ahead. Have a plan. It could mean trying something new, going on a trip, taking a class, or enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Go to a movie, order some good take-out, sleep in, go to the spa and get pampered, or try a new exercise routine. Do something to steer the mind away from rejection. – Consider a personal transformation in appearance. A new hairstyle, different clothes, striking glasses, or flashy shoes may really give a boost to self-esteem that overshadows the pain of rejection. – Learn to love one’s self. Eat well, get enough sleep, and enjoy the fresh air. Feeling good in the body can go a long ways for the soul. Never give up in life. Rejection may knock you for a loop but always pick yourself up and stride forward, confident that you are someone of great worth. There are hidden treasures inside of you and someday, someone will take notice as you continue to pick up your head, push back your shoulders, and straighten your spine. Remind yourself of all of the positives you have to offer the world and let them shine. What goes around comes around and your moment will come.

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