Finding Inner Peace through… Facing up to your Issues.

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Do you have life issues that you would just rather not deal with? Your issues may be related to unpleasant things you have said or done; unpleasant things that have been said or done to you; unresolved health issues; addictions; emotional problems; or family conflicts. Life issues can come from anywhere. Facing up to your issues can help you find inner peace and change your life. The first step to facing up to your issues is coming to terms with the fact that you have issues. We all do. But sometimes your issues can become so intertwined with your identity that you don’t even recognize them. Your issues are not you. They can’t define you unless you allow them to. If you are having trouble moving forward in life, you probably have some issues you need to deal with. If you can look back at your life and see that you have made the same kinds of mistakes or had the same kinds of misfortunes over and over again, there are most likely some issues that you have been in denial about. If you want to take your life to a better place, there is only one way. Look at where you’ve been and face your issues. One of the best ways to identify your issues is to think about the things that you don’t necessarily like about yourself. Do you have a quick temper? If so, anger may be one of your issues. If you get your feelings hurt easily, you may have self esteem issues. As a starting point, make a list of anything and everything that causes problems in your life. Even if you can’t identify the exact issue associated with a particular problem right now, writing about the problem is a good start. Next, you may want to consider talking to someone else about your list. This is not easy to do, but the reality is that other people can look at your life more clearly and objectively than you can. Find someone who knows you well that you can trust to tell you the truth. Show your list to your trusted confidant as a way to get the conversation started. Ask your friend if there are any other problems or issues that need to be added to your list. Accept his or her answers and write them down. A discussion like this is the very best way to identify your issues. Once you have identified your major life issues, you can begin to move forward in dealing with them. How you decide to resolve your issues depends on what they are. If you have health-related issues, you may need to see a doctor and make a specific plan about what you need to do to achieve wellness. For emotional issues, you might need some counseling sessions. To get past an addiction, you might need to consider entering a recovery program. The main idea is that now that you have faced your issues, you are going to make a plan to resolve them and work on them until they are behind you. No matter what your issues are, your plan to deal with them should include time alone in prayer or meditation. Find time every day to talk to yourself and your higher power about how your life is going. Keep the conversation positive, and journal about your progress. Look back through your notes occasionally to see how far you’ve come in dealing with your issues. You should find that you feel more at peace with yourself as each day

passes. Finally, keep goals for your life in front of you at all times. Place pictures and words that describe your goals on a poster, your computer screen or in your car. Whenever you gaze upon these goals, remind yourself that you are doing the hard work of dealing with your issues so that you can have everything you want from life and more.

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