Finding inner peace through… Learning who you are

Many people spend their entire lives attempting to discover who they are. Some never even come close to finding out. Still, others hope to find such answers overnight. This daunting task can be a long journey and it won’t happen all at once. However, most don’t even know where they should possibly begin.

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Here are four steps one can do to initiate the road to finding out who they are which in turn, brings them one step closer to finding inner peace.

1. The first step in finding out who one is, is to find their “think space”. A “think space” is a place where you go to “catch a breather”, take some time away from all distractions, and just get away. For some, this could be outside. Perhaps under a shady tree at the park, or in their car parked at the beach. But not only do you need a place, you need to make sure all distractions are removed. So, do yourself a favor, turn off your phones. If even for ten minutes or so can work wonders.

2. Secondly, grab a pen and paper, or even a notebook. While thoughts come into our head quite often, they can be fleeting. Writing your thoughts down, whether it be lists or journal entries, will help you in looking back and seeing what you are. Firstly, write down what things you value. What are your passions? What really makes you tick? It doesn’t need to be elaborate or beneficial to the world, but something that you really love. Perhaps you feel strongly about politics, or the environment. Maybe you adore fashion, or children. Whatever the case may be, your passions matter.

3. Think about your life now. What are you doing to further those passions listed above? Are you in law school, but really wish you could work in graphics? Many people find themselves in unsatisfying jobs because they need the money, rather than going for their dream jobs. In this economy, it’s hard not to. If you are unable to have exactly what you want, be it due to salary pay or something else, think about what else you could do to incorporate your dreams into your current work. Perhaps you could design logos for law firms, or even design book jackets for lawyers. There are many different things one can do to fuse their dreams into everyday life. It is all about thinking outside the box.

4. Say it with us: Passion gives Peace. When you are doing something you love, you are happy. Simple as that. Dreams are only dreams until we apply action to them. Finding out who you are, or at least initiating the process, is to discover what your passions are. What makes you, you, essentially. These are the things that will give someone reason to make it through the day.

In taking these four steps, you will be well on your way to discovering who you are, and finding your inner peace. It will take a while to discover who you are, so don’t expect this to happen in the next couple of weeks. There are always new interests, new passions to discover, some you may have never even thought about!

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