The Power of… Being Loved

Love has the remarkable ability to transform people and change even the direst circumstances into an opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment. One of the most amazing feelings in the world for anyone is to know that they are loved.

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Even as young as infancy, a person will seek out the comfort of the people around them out of the emotional need to feel loved. Children and adults alike tend to seek out friendships and relationships with their family that facilitates the formation of loving bonds. However, it can be challenging to remember the power of love as one travels through the changing circumstances of their lives. Once one remembers the true meaning of a loving relationship, they will be able to experience the full power of the transformation that can occur in every aspect of their life through the healing effects of being truly loved by someone.

To be loved, one has to be open to receiving the affection of others and offering it full acknowledgment in their life. Once this simple opening of the heart occurs, a person will be able to truly welcome the significant impact that love will have on their life. Many times, a person may overlook the many types of love that surround them. In our society, romantic love tends to be glorified while other types of love are given less emphasis. However, the love between a parent and their child, two friends or even a person with an animal companion can bring many positive feelings into a person’s life. In many instances, the simple kindness showed by a stranger can remind a person that they are surrounded by the positive vibrations of love.

When a person is truly interested in bringing the full power of love into their lives, they can do several things to make themselves more loveable in the eyes and hearts of others. First, love attracts the attention of others who recognize love. To be loved, one has to be willing to take a risk and love someone else. Although it can be challenging to take the initiative and reach out to others, this simple step can bring more sources of love into a person’s life. Volunteering or participating in a collaborative effort designed to benefit all of humanity is a wonderful way to attract love into your life. Additionally, finding small ways to make your love known to others will enable you to create an opening for more love to enter your life.

Once you have found love, it is important to acknowledge that you are loved by many other people. Incorporating moments of gratitude into your life is one way to provide acknowledgment of the many positive loving experiences that you have enjoyed in your life. A gratitude journal can help you to begin to develop a new understanding of how love has transformed your life so that you never take it for granted. By staying positive and maintaining your awareness of the fact that you are loved, you will find a greater power within yourself that will enable you to cherish the love you share with others.

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