The Power of… Giving Love

Love is an encompassing maelstrom of emotions; the splendid convergence of fondness and intensity. When you’re truly in love, be it with a person or some aspect of life, you want to be engaged. You actively seek out the happiness that this love creates; you are consumed by it. When you’re infused with the power

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of love, you’re intrinsically moved to usher it forth amongst the cosmos of your life.

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Love is so invigorating that it bubbles under your skin and bones like the energy of a smoldering phantom. You’re compelled by this gentle wraith to brim with a joy that could never be forced or manufactured under any other circumstance. The happiness associated with love is wholly unique and unrivaled. To love is to blast away any lingering fear or doubt with the assurance that you’ve discovered something genuine that will last as long as you do. Some people are able to give love more easily than others. You may find yourself perplexed at how simple they bestow a kind and inviting hand to another, at how effortlessly they trust and forgive. To give love, you must be indiscriminate. It’s impossible to maintain a loving spirit if you’re constantly embroiled in petty nonsense. The first step towards giving love involves dispelling all your negative thoughts and emotions. Getting angry and frustrated is natural, but holding on to that bitterness is toxic. It becomes all too easy to dwell on ugly behavior and thoughts. In social circles, we are encouraged to prey on others; vilifying and tormenting our brothers and sisters. This hateful

attitude comes out of a deep seeded insecurity that envelopes us from within. In order to truly give love, you must learn to love yourself first. Of course, this is much easier said then done. Many of us are less than pleased with ourselves, wishing we had qualities and characteristics we’ve never had. In order to love yourself, you must be at peace with who you are. For some this means accepting imperfections, and for others it means committing to change. When you’re able to adamantly love yourself, your level of happiness and positive energy will soar leaps and bounds into the dewy clouds above. You’ll no longer be compelled to wrench others into a well of cynicism, because the love you feel will destroy those inner demons. You’ll find yourself wanting to encourage others, truly reveling in their optimistic future rather than trying to tear them down. We shouldn’t fear opening up to love. Even if you’ve been hurt or betrayed in the past, being cold towards everyone and everything is no way to live. Ultimately, it’s up to you to unlock your heart and potential, and if you’re willing to give love along the way, your journey will be easier. The next time you’re feeling the rumbling of anger and frustration, don’t lash out or concentrate your feelings into an iron ball. Find a way to channel your negative energy into something positive and you’ll find that the power of giving love is truly formidable.

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