Yoga – What is it all about?

All you need to get started is – attitude – a big heart and a small ego. Add to this some loose fitting clothes or no clothes at all, a practice mat or blanket and a small secluded place in your home. As you start your Yoga journey you will start to learn how a balanced diet and taking things at your own pace will help you stay committed to your Yoga Practice. If your really keen there are lots of Yoga props you can buy, everything from an Introduction to Yoga book, videos or DVD’s and even a Yoga Kit for beginners. The practice of yoga included into your daily life is a worthwhile method of exercise, meditation, or form of simple relaxation. Today, more than at any other time in society life can get really tough , we face stresses and tensions that are beyond our control. Many of us, including myself, have turned to tranquillizers, sleeping pills, and alcohol in a vain attempt to cope. In my search for betterment of my physical self and the desire to know myself I contemplated the future and the tools to developing a greater awareness and the potential I knew I was capable of – my voyage found a natural home in Yoga – the benefits of this ancient practice is the oldest science of life and in my view can teach the already initiated as well as the novice on how to bring the daily stress of life under control. It does this not only on a physical level but on a mental and spiritual level too. In yoga the human body is the instrument of change, we learn to drive it towards maximizing our physical potential. By comparing the human body to a car, there are five things that it needs to run efficiently whether it is well maintained VW or a rusty old banger – lubrication, a cooling system, electric current fuel and a sensible driver behind the wheel. The different asanas or postures lubricate the body, keeping the muscles and joints running smoothly. Each posture is designed to tone all the internal organs and increasing circulation, without creating tiredness. Over time each posture can be perfected and held with greater ease. The body is cooled down with complete relaxation using pranayama or yogic breathing, which helps to increase prana or electric current. Fuel is the intentional ‘good food’, water and the air we breathe. Finally there is meditation, where you learn to control and bring stillness to the mind, the ultimate driver of the body. Yoga, broken down into three simple steps:

  • Asanas or postures, bring physical strength and flexibility.
  • Pranayama or breathing controls the emotional pain and brings stillness.
  • Meditation brings greater understanding of who you are.

The benefits of yoga are undoubtedly far reaching; absolutely anyone can practice Yoga, no matter what their age, condition or religion. The discipline can appear overwhelming from

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the outset but after all everyone has to breathe. We have all experienced the effects of excessive and over indulgent foods. As for meditation, it can be as simple as taking time out to appreciate in detail the beauty of a loved one, a flower or a full moon. Lastly, I would say that Yoga is a practical way of life and one has to live it to experience the benefits. If you have never tasted the rich diverse taste of honey, no matter how much I say it’s delicious, you won’t understand till you try it. So why not put Yoga into practice and I guarantee you will see the benefits yourself !!!

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